Eco & Social Care

Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility


Bush Pillow Guest House is the only establishment in Otjiwarongo with a Two Flower Eco Award awarded by the Namibian Eco Awards Association and we are very proud of this as it testifies to our sustainable development, management of the environment and corporate responsibility within our area.

With regards to the sustainable use of resources, here are some of the ways in which the Bush Pillow Guest House promotes sustainable usage and development:

  1. We have 84 solar panels with which we generate more than our required amount of electricity used and in the process we are able to push back electricity into the grid to help aleviate the burden of government to generate energy by depleting valuable resources. It also helps to cut back the amount of harmful gasses pushed into the atmosphere.
  1. We use recycled material such as old pallets to make furniture. We make our own bedside tables, the relaxation furniture in the Lapa and brochure displays as an example. In this way we are cutting down on the new wood required in Namibia and making sure that we have a smaller footprint that we leave on the environment.
  1. We encourage thoughtful use of our water usage and monitor our water usage levels very carefully as this is a scarce commodity worldwide and especially in Namibia and we want to make sure our guests are also aware of the responsible usage of this valuable resource.

As to our Care of the Environment:

  1. We are actively involved in a few environment program such as the project of Brenda Larison who studies the stripes on Zebras. We take photos of Zebras and make notes where we spot them and send the detail through to her. Fascinating information is available on You Tube
  1. We are also involved with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and have annually donated  towards funds. We also support them by using Cheetah Logs. This is a product they produce by removing bush encroachment bush from the veld and providing a product to produce energy without harming the environment.

As to our Corporate Responsibility:

  1. We are actively involved with a program for the Street Children of Otjiwarongo and assist in many ways by negotiating with possible donors and managing funds for development projects, giving guidance to board members with regard to the running and day to day problems of the centre and collecting clothes and food donations to assist the centre.
  1. We also assist with job creation by using local entrepreneurs with regard to plumbing repairs, electrical maintenance, welding, and other maintenance requirements. We also sell artworks and promote the local artists in this respect.